Every once in a while, we experience one of those special, unforgettable days when the sun comes up on a whole new ‘thing’ for us. Something that breaks down our walls, opens new spaces for us in the world, shows us what’s inside of us that’s bigger than we ever realized.

Everyone has a few of these golden days. But they come after a lot of not-so-golden dawnings, and we all know about those.

Kathryn Acton-Rice, famous and wealthy romance author has become a household word in books and has more money than she can spend. However, her life is simple, and centers around her darling dog and her Author Assistant, her Chef, her Agent and whoever else she hires to help with her property and the handling her money.

She avoids men.

When Kathryn was fifteen, she was a victim of a home invasion and has never been able to be close to a man since. At the age of 32, she has never been kissed.

Then life conspires to break down her walls, in the form of a tall, handsome, red-haired news correspondent who sees in this quiet, shy brilliant woman the kind of person he might want to spend his life with. His first marriage behind him, Eric also has kept to himself, unwilling to involve himself again in the rocky business of romance.

One day, by chance alone, if there is such a thing, their paths cross for a moment and electricity sparks the air briefly.

When that happens, things change.

When life decides to load you down with gifts, you’d best just give in and accept them.

If you don’t, Lady Luck will have to find a way to get you to change your mind…and let lasting love in.

I wouldn’t fight Lady Luck. My money’s on her.

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Think the slave trade stopped with the Civil War? Petra knows better.

Petra, a beautiful Hispanic girl, just finished a snack with her friend at the Pizza Parlor. When the companions separated, Petra headed home to finish her homework. When she was about to cross the street, powerful hands grabbed, shot her with a taser, and tossed her in the back of a van with other female victims. She and the other teen girls abducted that day were about to become slaves.

According to blogger Malika Saada Saar, the executive director of Rights4Girls, a U.S. based human rights organization, about 293,000 American children are at risk for being exploited and trafficked for sex. The majority of these kids are girls, between the ages of 12-14, who are abducted by traffickers, raped and forced into prostitution.

First Love Born of Fire is a short story inspired by Vanayssa Somer’s novel, The Boy Scout, also reviewed on this blog. That book revealed the shadowy world of slave traffickers and a team of heroes that worked with government agencies to put a lid on the heinous crime.

In First Love born of Fire, the teens highlighted in The Boy Scout are scrutinized closely to study the affects of abduction on a group of teens focusing on the relationship of Petra and Jim, a fourteen-year old boy beaten and raped by his abductors.

Somers delves into the emotional effects of abductions on the children and their families while opening the door to the deranged minds of the perpetrators.

The slave trade is real. The problem is palpable where thousands of children and young adults from around the world are sold as slaves for sex, hard labor, or both for the remainder of their lives. The enigma is real and it can happen to any child the instant he or she steps outside their home.

First Love Born of Fire is an eye opener and a must read for teenagers and their parents.

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First Love Born of Fire




My publisher, Solstice Publishing, puts out short story anthologies at holiday times throughout the year, inviting its authors to send in stories for consideration. I thought about Christmas and asked my Editor if she had a short story collection coming up to release over the winter. After she sent me the deadline and details, I sat around for hours, pacing, muttering, looking things up, trying to think of a topic for a short romantic story suitable for a Christmassy theme.

Almost ready to give up and forget about it, I went out for coffee and asked the server what she might suggest for a Christmas romance theme.

“Well,” she replied, “I don’t know if this helps, but while I was away on holiday I spent a lot of time with my lovely little granddaughter. One day she said she wanted to find a recipe for pixie dust. I asked her what for, and she said, so I can sprinkle it on you, Grandma, and you can fly whenever you want to come visit us. You can just fly without having to come in an airplane. That way, you can come over to see us all the time.”

We talked about how sweet that was, and I told her she must be a really good Grandma.

I took my coffee and chose a quiet table off in a corner, sat down, took off my jacket and my glasses (which I can’t read with) and began to write a little story called The Love Potion.

Learning to write is a complicated endeavour. If you have something in your head and heart you are just gasping to write about, that’s one thing. At least you can get going easily. But trying to imagine a story out of absolutely thin air, that’s not so easy.

However, thinking about the loving heart of this little girl so far away, I got the idea of a brave widow with pretty red hair and a family far away in the U.K., and a lonely, divorced police detective whose wife had given up on the challenges of life with a police officer.

What brought the two characters together, you might wonder?

Well….the little girl in the U.K. brought them together…she found the recipe for true love and sprinkled it all over her Grandma.

Want to get the recipe? You’ll have to wait for the anthology to find out all the ingredients.

Oh! But which stories are accepted for the winter book hasn’t been decided yet! I have to wait to know my luck. I’ll let you know, but no matter whose stories are picked, be sure to look for Solstice Publishing’s Winter Holiday Anthology coming out soon.





About three years ago, I stumbled across a book on Amazon that has changed my life from the inside out.

A Course in Time Travel
by Curtis Loys Jackson

proved to be a challenge to understand, full of concepts I had never heard of before.  It introduced me to ancient records reaching back far past the Greek philosophers and also to new information which had been communicated to Curtis Jackson starting in his early 20’s. At this time, he is 80 years of age though still youthful and active and still teaching. His website, www.time-travelers.org, is full of incredible information.

One of the most important things I have learned from this teacher is how to carry out what he calls the 5th dimensional meditations.

He introduced me to the new release of information from spirit, regarding the twelve chakra system.

Hitherto we have only had the seven chakra system, which was given to us for the Age just passed…the age of Virgo, the second of three Dark Ages. We are now in the last Dark Age, the Age of Capricorn. The twelve chakra system was offered to us to take us to higher and more complex spiritual discoveries suited to this new Age.

What can be of so much importance in this kind of material? Because we now have twelve chakras, we can balance our bodies and our psyches and spirit, by carrying out these meditations while working with two chakras at once. We start with our heart chakra, the middle of our bodily system. Then go on to use both hands, one on upper chakra, one on lower chakra, so a pair of chakras are balanced both at once.

This sounds like small stuff! But when you do this routinely over a number of months, astounding things start to happen. There is sexual healing; there is healing of the inner child; and most wonderful, there is the onset of a personal connection with our own Oversoul, our perfected Self from the far, far future.

My own experience of this connection is recounted in my latest book, Proof of Life After Death, in which I discuss the teachings of this system at length. While meditating and clearing my paired chakras one day, my Oversoul picked me up and literally dropped me into a mysterious place in inner or outer space…a very original experience!

I hung in space, not afraid at all at first, looking around in amazement. In my book, I discuss in detail everything I saw, experienced and felt, until I suddenly realized I was all alone in space and did not know how to get home! A moment of fear and then I opened my eyes…and I was safely home in my body once more, in my own house on planet Earth!

This experience is well worth reading, and your own Oversoul’s choice of experience for you will be quite unique, if you choose to learn and carry out the twelve-chakra meditations.

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Ever visited the world-renowned tourist town of Tofino, B.C. on Canada’s west coast? Over a million tourists every year visit the tiny town, population 1,500 all winter long. From March to October, the world comes to Tofino, and the village hit the world stage big-time in 1993 when protesters and loggers fell into conflict over the cutting of old growth forest.
Protesters chained themselves to trees and TV cameras arrived from everywhere. Police cruisers lined the logging roads.
During this time my hubby and I lived in Tofino and I wrote this little piece about trying to live an ordinary life during extraordinary times. Many of us made our own home made wine and created some wonderful fruit wine recipes during all this!
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Fermenting Rife in Clayoquot:: As millions poured into Tofino and Blockades raged across world TV, village life trundled on…

Jan 3, 2012

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What if you could see the heart of the Milky Way…the Great Central Sun and the supermassive black hole? With your own eyes…no Hubble telescope needed.  And someone superspecial, superwonderful, holding your hand the whole time. A personally Guided Tour at the safe, protective side of your Oversoul, your Higher Power.

I did. It will fill my dreams till my dying breath and beyond.

And there’s more. So much more.

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In her fifteenth year, Kathryn Bond’s life was thrown off course by a violent crime. Headed for Olympic glory, she instead began a long journey toward healing, her dreams having turned to dust. One day she sat down to write a romance novel and began a career that would make her the most popular romance author in the world and a multi-millionaire before she turned thirty. But her dreams of romance remained on the computer screen and in her books, for she could not recover from the long-ago attack which had changed the course of her life. She avoided men at all costs, if she possibly could. Her dreams of being kissed, of having a strong pair of arms around her, remained that – only dreams. But her married friends never gave up, sure they could find for her that special someone who would heal those terrifying memories once and for all. One day, her world turned upside down again, when an experienced war correspondent walked into her life. A man who understood everything. And understood her. Just when it was all coming together for Kathryn, a phone call brought life-altering news. A child was coming into her life, an orphaned little girl, whose addicted mother had died. A child who had been damaged by abuse and needed one thing above all else—she needed healing. With her lover’s help, Kathryn has to face her demons once and for all, and rise above them, to meet the needs of this broken child.


THE LIFE OF AN AUTHOR: More To It Than You Might Think

In the winter of 2013 I began to write. Being home most of the time, I needed an outlet, preferably creative.

I remembered a few years back when, as a practicing psychic, I had put my shingle out on one of the idyllic islands off the coast of B.C.  I offered holographic, past life readings as well as teacups and tarot cards.

The past life readings had started as a great surprise to me when, one day, I was giving a Reiki treatment and as I worked my way around the body on the table, I suddenly began to see a movie unfolding behind my eyes. Puzzled, I asked the woman if she wanted to know what I was seeing, as I thought it probably had something to do with her, rather than with myself.

She said, Yes, Please! And a new gift had come to life for me. Without warning or preparation, my guides had gifted me with the unexpected ability to access my clients’ Akashic Records and view events from various past lives in the form of a video, a movie. This ability surfaces as I work on a Reiki client and starts usually either at the Top of the Head chakra or else around the knees. Rarely, it starts at the feet.

She was delighted to find that her grandmother, who had died only two weeks prior, had popped in to say hello in the middle of her Reiki treatment. Tears of gratitude at hearing from her beloved Gran filled her eyes. After the treatment she rushed off to tell her husband.

Next day, he came in for a treatment. We talked about what had happened with his wife’s reading and I told him it was a new thing, I didn’t know if it would ever happen again. But we began the energy treatment and I left it up to my guides.

Within a few minutes, an amazing movie unfolded for this man. I saw before me his private offices in Seattle, and the items he had on his wall there. Then the movie went to an ancient time when he belonged to a primitive tribe in a place that looked to me like New Guinea, somewhere like that. He was the tribe’s shamanic healer and he had a sister who depended on him. She was albino, completely white. This branded her in the tribe as a dangerous person, perhaps a witch, so she was always afraid and stayed close to her powerful brother.

At the time the movie showed, he was called upon to make a Vision Quest, and the next hour took us through a long journey, dangerous and frightening, in which he had to find his own way, unaided by supernatural help, through jungles full of predators and across vast gullies, crossing by whatever means he could think of.

He made it through many dangers and finally, reaching the base of an old volcano, he lay down to sleep. As he slept, he dreamed of a hard red ball in his midsection. When he saw this ball in himself, in his dream, it meant he would develop massive new powers to help his people with.

The dream and the movie ended abruptly at the base of that volcano and we left him asleep on his pile of leaves on the ground. We returned to present day reality.

I was nervous he would think I was crazy. I’d never experienced anything like that. I went off and made him the usual end-of-treatment cup of tea. When I brought it to him, he looked at me oddly. He said, “That is the most incredible thing I have ever heard. Everything you said made sense. Those things you saw on the wall of my office, they are actually there. And although we don’t talk about it to anyone, my wife and I are heading out on a trip to China, where we have booked lessons from a Chi Gong Master. He will teach me to place a hard red ball in my midsection, and once I learn how to do that mentally, he says I will have vastly improved power and strength for my life and my metaphysical learning.”

He looked at me in a dazed way and I just stood there, flummoxed. I said, “I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know if it will happen again, or if that was all for you and your wife. It has never happened to me before.”

Since then, I have given Reiki energy to many clients and narrated to them as they lay on the table, whatever movies and information their guides felt right to show me. When I deliver this information, I am standing inside their previous bodies of their previous incarnation. I smell, taste, see and emotionally feel everything they had experienced in those long ago times, and I tell them everything I experience.

I have no idea why it started. But it only happens when I give Reiki, no other time.

One of those readings involved a young woman escaping from the Inquisition in long-ago Majorca. She had come into the presence of a rare metaphysical teacher who had taught her to change shape, overcome the limitations of the physical world, to defend herself with a variety of martial art moves and many survival skills. She was being trained to be a helper to the helpless, a defender to victims of injustice.

In the reading, I saw this young woman in long-ago Majorca, walking into the room where the Grand Inquisitor sat with his cronies. She exercised the power she’d been taught, and walked through the table itself, steadily and calmly, right up to the cruel men waiting for her at the top of the room, she walked into the wood of the table and strode up to them right through the material of the huge, heavy table.

The Inquisitor and his friends rose and fled in terror, recognizing a being who was infinitely more than they could dream of becoming.

This particular reading held special magic for me. So that winter, in 2013, I decided to try to write a story involving a young woman like this.

The result was my first novel, a paranormal fantasy romance called Pagan Flames.

The next novel was a romance called Sacred Trust, in which the wife of a high level politician comes home unexpectedly at lunchtime and finds her best friend in bed with her husband.  Not the first time something like this had happened. So she decided it’s time to leave, to build a new life. She flees the loveless marriage and drives across the continent to the west coast, where she finds many challenges and also, of course, finds true love.

In the meantime I’d heard from fans who had read Pagan Flames and they wanted more adventures with the hero and heroine of that book…Melchior, the Wizard, and Theresa, his student. I listened to my fans and wrote a book called The Boy Scout, in which Melchior and Theresa become involved, along with a true-hearted Boy Scout, in the rescue of a group of teens about to be shipped into slavery by a band of human traffickers.

Most recently, I wrote Morning Song, a novel about a romance writer who had achieved huge success with her writing skills, but had never experienced a relationship. At the age of fiteen, she’d been attacked during the commission of a violent crime, and had been afraid of men ever since.

Beautiful Kathryn, with millions in her bank account, lived alone with her staff for company and a few friends who knew her secret. At 32 years of age, she’d never been kissed.

Blessed with the friendship of someone who made it their business to see Kathryn gets kissed, she falls in love with a man who is just what she needs. Someone patient, understanding, someone who has worked around the world in many situations and understands the dangers and damage life can inflict on a soul. With great care, he sets about offering healing to this lovely young woman who has spent her early years hiding away in her home, her safe place.

The world opens for her as she dares to take a step outside of her safety boundaries, stepping out in the protection of a smart and caring man.

As her own healing begins, she receives the news that an aunt has died and left her a special inheritance in the form of her little girl, who now is an orphan and needs a stable home. A victim of sexual abuse, the child finds in her aunt a warm, honest, compassionate and knowledgable counselor.

Both find their way to healing and a whole life in a magical journey which is, in fact, much like the pathway many real people have walked on the way to their own real-life healing.

With Morning Song on its way to print at this time, I am well on the way to another, different, novel, about a young woman who is the daughter of a notorious arms dealer. She is very different from her parents, and has developed, on her own, a strong moral code that she lives by. Her great desire is to get her Captain’s Ticket and command a crew on a huge freighter, carrying cargo across the world’s oceans.

Brave, resilient, and daring, she takes bullying from no one and commands, first of all, respect from others as she joins crew after crew on small boats, getting her hours on the water, first requirement on her way to her Captain’s Ticket.

Beautiful and tough, both innocent and fierce, she has to face what her father has become and save the innocent from death and destruction at his hands.

In the process, we introduce our hero, a different kind of hero. Dave, skilled in all things marine, a confirmed bachelor. Working on crew for her father on a freighter, he is, in reality, an undercover operative whose handler is part of a secret federal governmental body. Tracey, determined to change her father’s moral view of life, comes to crew for him also, and Dave has to deal with this modern-day Boadicea, determined to stand for what’s right. As forces so much larger than themselves battle it out around them, these two fight to defeat a growing passion for each other.

In the process of writing these books, I have had to research the most unlikely collection of topics. From the daily life of an arms dealer to the Spanish Inquisition and monarchy, from high-level U.S. politics  to criminal procedures, from wilderness treatment of a broken leg to the geography of Majorca’s famous tourist cave systems, on and on it goes.

When I decided to write up the story of one young woman’s psychic reading and turn it into a story, I had no idea that I would end up spending untold quantities of time poring over reference books and internet sources, trying to gather a genuine grasp of how other people on this planet have lived in the past and live now in the present.

Sometimes I feel it’s too much, I can’t do it. I get scared. I shrink back. How did I get into this? I ask myself as I wander around a library, looking for some archaic information about dinosaurs in ancient China. What makes me think I can do this, I wonder.

But it is like anything else. One step at a time, one day at a time, you commit to do a thing and you just get up in the morning and go do it. Bit by bit, it comes together.

Then, one day, all flags flying, you tell the world that this particular author has another book out there on Amazon. You order some copies, you hold it in your hand, a sense of wonder permeating the day, and you remember a day when this book did not exist. Not the cover picture, not the words, not the plot, nor the characters.

Now they do. Because you got up in the morning and got the job done. Till one day, your publisher sent you a contract, and now you’re, once more, a small star in the firmament of heaven.

And she says to you, “Now start the next one.” And your life is full.

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