During the terrifying days of the Spanish Inquisition in 15th century Majorca, a young orphaned girl who lives with Nuns commits to undergo secret training in the Brilliant Arts. Knowing she will die an agonizing death at the stake if discovered, she chooses to trust her Teacher in the Wizardly skills of Shapeshifting, Time Travel, and Flight.

Pagan flames

Melchior, Prince of all Faeries, is her teacher in cool, hidden caves beneath the ancient city of Palma. As the Inquisition suddenly picks up her trail, she flees to the safety of the secret caves, only to find that Melchior has abandoned her. It is time for her to exercise some hard-won skills successfully and show the world what the soul is capable of…or else face the Fire. 

Meanwhile, far ahead in the 21st century, a dark haired American beauty goes about her normal life, while secretly struggling with dreams of flying, of changing into animal form at will; dreams she dare not share with anyone. Unaware that she is the reincarnated form of an ancient Majorcan girl, Teresa has no idea her life has turned a corner. As her long-ago Teacher emerges from Times’ shadows to reclaim his student and guide her journey into full Wizardhood, she must finally realize that forces far beyond her understanding are uniquely at work in her life.

For her Teacher, it’s all much more complicated even than that…for his heart and body have designs upon the fair Teresa which even his fiercely protected code of honour can no longer push away.



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