In life there are moments that stand out, that make a day memorable. But usually, those moments are just yours, privately, not any kind of public thing.

When my editor at Solstice wrote me after I anxiously submitted my latest book, Sacred Trust, to her and said:

“What a powerful story, Vanayssa! It gripped me from the first page.”

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. One of my friends does some editing for me when I finish the rough of a story, and she always makes a huge difference in how the story finishes up. I felt this book wasn’t as good as Pagan Flames and felt frustrated about it. She said, no, she thought it was better. Well, we should get better as we keep writing. But I thought she was wrong.

So it turns out she was right. I guess it’s better than Pagan Flames. But it’s a small thing, your editor’s compliment. In my dreams I have bigger things even than that.

I dream of a swimming pool of my own. Years ago I cut out a picture of a beautiful swimming pool, some millionaire’s pool somewhere or other. It has glass all around it, windows, like. And a retractable roof. And a marble entryway. I would guess there is a fully-equipped gym nearby and of course a large hot tub.

Yes, that’s one of my dreams. But in the meantime, my editor’s compliment feels pretty good.

I have made it a goal to try to sell one thousand copies of my books by December 31st this year. No idea how to go about it. Waiting to hear from a consultant I talked to the other day. Hopefully he has some good ideas. Well, one thousand books won’t pay for a swimming pool of course, but it’s a start. Gotta start somewhere.

Since starting this blog, I’ve connected up with some amazing young people, young women who post about new makeup and so on, young guys who post about all kinds of things. It’s a breath of fresh air in my life. Today one of the ladies, hippiewithahipproblem, posted about Konjac sponges. Never heard of them, apparently they are terrific for skin care. Gotta get one of those. Now, that’s an achievable goal.

I thought, when you announce a major life goal for the year, you try harder to make it come true. So I announced my goal…one thousand books by Dec 31st. Let’s see if I’ve got what it takes….

BTW, if you like fantasy romance, everybody, go to Amazon and type in my author name…Vanayssa Somers. If you have a Reader, my books are on Kindle. Otherwise, they are in paperback. SACRED TRUST is going to be up there in a couple weeks or so. LOOK OUT FOR IT!! AND — I am on Amazon UK also.


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