The advantage of falling out of love is that, given a little healing time, a new-found Love is always just around the corner. Hope springs eternal. This is what keeps Romance Authors in business. We never stop believing that the next one will be The One.

At the grand age of 71, I have many friends in their 70’s and 80’s, a couple in their 90’s. One of the amazing things about ageing, which I never suspected when young, is that everyone still expects to find Romantic Love.

My elderly girlfriends are always busy losing weight or trying to find workout machines that won’t wreck their now-fragile bodies. The want muscle tone, better skin, more beautiful hair, and perfect nails. Perfect nails are BIG with us older gals. Unfortunately, I have long since given up on the nails thing. My nails have always broken, no matter what I do. But it’s common to sit with friends of advanced age and watch them flashing their pretty, perfect nails around, fluttering their fingers, to make sure everyone sees their beautiful hands and manicures.

New earrings, new bracelets, pastel tops, size 10 or 12 jeans, especially white ones. Pretty clothes, facial primer (yes there is such a thing) and foundation. Just like young people, elderly folk have their dreams. We like to look nice and we like to look feminine and we want fellas to take a second glance as we pass. At any age.

Yes, the romance industry is in no danger of collapse. Perhaps our Economic Advisors need to take note of this fact and start to incorporate various elements of Hope, Romance, Beauty, and Dreams into making things work better. Heaven knows, they provide plenty of jobs.

And a broken heart is a broken heart, no matter the age.

Next time you notice a senior with a tear on her cheeks and her eyelashes, and she assures you she just has a condition known as “Dry Eye”, you don’t have to believe her. It could well be the expression coming from One Heart, Hardly Used At All, Still in Good Condition…looking for a new owner.


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