Well, I thought I’d tried just about every kind of bread there is. But today in Simplicity magazine, I think it was, I found a recipe for something called Guinness Bread. I’m not much of a drinker but now and then I love a wholemeal sandwich of Old Cheese and some kind of pickle. And along with it, a pint of Guinness. Black, velvety beyond belief, topped with a generous heap of snowy foam, it’s great going down and the foam across your lips just makes it more special.

Gotta try this out. Where did I put the breadmaker? Put it away quite a while ago since it’s so hard to resist home made bread. As bad as chocolate cake, really. Well, it’s coming out again and the warm, irresistible aroma of buttery warm bread will once more float out my windows to drive my neighbours crazy.

How can I bring something as yummy as this into my next romance novel? Hmm. Maybe the heroine is going to be running her own deli and makes her own bread to sell. And the hero drifts in, following his nose in the early morning, has a coffee and a plate of cheese and Guinness bread…

The possibilities are endless.


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