Finally inspiration is beginning to flow for the sequel to Pagan Flames. It’s impossible for a writer to write if they can’t get excited and passionate about what they’re writing. It may be based on a fairy tale, but it doesn’t matter what the story is. There has to be a passion. From the passion, the emotion and feeling about a particular issue, the rest flows like a stream…the theme emerges…what’s this story really about, in a nutshell, in just a few words? From the theme must flow the main character(s). The characters must personify the expression of the passion, carrying through the entire book in a consistent theme. So that…by the time the reader has gotten to the last page of the book…they feel as passionate as the writer does about the issue. Whatever the issue is. And they feel in a lasting way the final climax, the breakthrough, and all it means to the characters. Right now I’m reading a John Sandford novel, one of the Virgil Flowers stories. Love that guy. Don’t we all? As I read, I’m wondering what the theme of this one is. Whatever else it is, it’s got romantic love mixed in with it somewhere. And Virgil will smoothly and effortlessly bring it all to a perfectly dovetailed conclusion. In between fishing for muskies. Whatever a musky is. I have yet to figure out what kind of fish that is. I’ve caught a coho, a king salmon and a 75 pound halibut. But never a muskie. Or musky.

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