Well, I have a book about two thirds finished and the heroine is marrying the King of Fairies. Problem: who plans the wedding? This did not occur to me when I decided to get them married in the book. I need to hire a wedding planner. Something new to deal with in the Writing Life.

So far, lots of problems…the dress (found one…with a slit up the side for her to show a lovely leg on the way up the aisle) the ring (invented a stone from the moon of a planet in The Andromeda Galaxy and four pink diamonds from the ochre-colored north pole of Pluto, this really took some time to put together and I used up the entire charge on my cell phone) not to mention the photographer…this could be a problem since the wedding is in Fairyland. Who takes pictures in Fairyland? The really amazing thing is how much information there is on Google about fairies, everything you can imagine. Who are these people who know so much about fairies? Does the government know about this? Should someone tell them? Apparently Fairies have an army, an air force (yeah, an air force, they all have wings) but no navy that I can find out. So they could be dangerous. And then I have to figure out the music. Her mother wants to know what scent she plans to wear. How should I know?

No doubt I shall end the book with enough knowledge of weddings to hire out as a wedding planner myself, just about. Although people are already making comments about the slit up the side of her dress. Hey, she’s marrying the King of Fairies. He likes a little leg showing.


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