Sensual roses

Who hasn’t stood under a starry sky at least once when they were young and wished upon a star for their soul mate? The search for the love that never dies is inherent in our genes, in the most primitive reaches of our mind and brain. Not to mention, our heart.

In our energy field lie many stories…thousands of stories. Stories from past lives, stories of love and betrayal, stories of families we now have forgotten, people who loved us or hated us, people who were tied to us by blood and are now forgotten as we struggle on with our current lives.

But wherever we are in time or space, the yearning for a soul mate never disappears; it’s with us every morning and night, even if we are happily married, yet still feeling that absence, that thing we can’t explain that tells us, someone is missing.

Unless we are one of the lucky few who have met and married their soul mate, perhaps even met them while young and were able to spend their lives together.

How wonderful it will be when we set foot upon that shore and someone special will come running to meet us, arms outstretched. Our one true love, the one we always knew was missing.


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