Ever visited the world-renowned tourist town of Tofino, B.C. on Canada’s west coast? Over a million tourists every year visit the tiny town, population 1,500 all winter long. From March to October, the world comes to Tofino, and the village hit the world stage big-time in 1993 when protesters and loggers fell into conflict over the cutting of old growth forest.
Protesters chained themselves to trees and TV cameras arrived from everywhere. Police cruisers lined the logging roads.
During this time my hubby and I lived in Tofino and I wrote this little piece about trying to live an ordinary life during extraordinary times. Many of us made our own home made wine and created some wonderful fruit wine recipes during all this!
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Fermenting Rife in Clayoquot:: As millions poured into Tofino and Blockades raged across world TV, village life trundled on…

Jan 3, 2012

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