About three years ago, I stumbled across a book on Amazon that has changed my life from the inside out.

A Course in Time Travel
by Curtis Loys Jackson

proved to be a challenge to understand, full of concepts I had never heard of before.  It introduced me to ancient records reaching back far past the Greek philosophers and also to new information which had been communicated to Curtis Jackson starting in his early 20’s. At this time, he is 80 years of age though still youthful and active and still teaching. His website,, is full of incredible information.

One of the most important things I have learned from this teacher is how to carry out what he calls the 5th dimensional meditations.

He introduced me to the new release of information from spirit, regarding the twelve chakra system.

Hitherto we have only had the seven chakra system, which was given to us for the Age just passed…the age of Virgo, the second of three Dark Ages. We are now in the last Dark Age, the Age of Capricorn. The twelve chakra system was offered to us to take us to higher and more complex spiritual discoveries suited to this new Age.

What can be of so much importance in this kind of material? Because we now have twelve chakras, we can balance our bodies and our psyches and spirit, by carrying out these meditations while working with two chakras at once. We start with our heart chakra, the middle of our bodily system. Then go on to use both hands, one on upper chakra, one on lower chakra, so a pair of chakras are balanced both at once.

This sounds like small stuff! But when you do this routinely over a number of months, astounding things start to happen. There is sexual healing; there is healing of the inner child; and most wonderful, there is the onset of a personal connection with our own Oversoul, our perfected Self from the far, far future.

My own experience of this connection is recounted in my latest book, Proof of Life After Death, in which I discuss the teachings of this system at length. While meditating and clearing my paired chakras one day, my Oversoul picked me up and literally dropped me into a mysterious place in inner or outer space…a very original experience!

I hung in space, not afraid at all at first, looking around in amazement. In my book, I discuss in detail everything I saw, experienced and felt, until I suddenly realized I was all alone in space and did not know how to get home! A moment of fear and then I opened my eyes…and I was safely home in my body once more, in my own house on planet Earth!

This experience is well worth reading, and your own Oversoul’s choice of experience for you will be quite unique, if you choose to learn and carry out the twelve-chakra meditations.

My new book, Proof of Life After Death, is available on Amazon at:


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