THE LIFE OF AN AUTHOR: More To It Than You Might Think

In the winter of 2013 I began to write. Being home most of the time, I needed an outlet, preferably creative. I remembered a few years back when, as a practicing psychic, I had put my shingle out on one of the idyllic islands off the coast of B.C.  I offered holographic, past life readings […]

SOUL RETRIEVAL: Connecting With My Brother

My Brother and Father: My brother died in March of 2005. He died of alcoholism alone in his cabin. After he died, I contacted him by going to the “tunnel” I see when I shut my eyes and focus on my third eye area. I went to the edge and shouted his name (silently) several […]


During the terrifying days of the Spanish Inquisition in 15th century Majorca, a young orphaned girl who lives with Nuns commits to undergo secret training in the Brilliant Arts. Knowing she will die an agonizing death at the stake if discovered, she chooses to trust her Teacher in the Wizardly skills of Shapeshifting, Time Travel, […]


While we can’t always be in love, in that illogical mad state of blind infatuation where we are hopelessly magicked away on clouds of delight at the sound of someone’s voice, or the scent of their clothing or the touch of their hand, we can absolutely remember in vivid detail what it FELT like to […]