Every once in a while, we experience one of those special, unforgettable days when the sun comes up on a whole new ‘thing’ for us. Something that breaks down our walls, opens new spaces for us in the world, shows us what’s inside of us that’s bigger than we ever realized. Everyone has a few […]


  About three years ago, I stumbled across a book on Amazon that has changed my life from the inside out. A Course in Time Travel by Curtis Loys Jackson proved to be a challenge to understand, full of concepts I had never heard of before.  It introduced me to ancient records reaching back far […]


What if you could see the heart of the Milky Way…the Great Central Sun and the supermassive black hole? With your own eyes…no Hubble telescope needed.  And someone superspecial, superwonderful, holding your hand the whole time. A personally Guided Tour at the safe, protective side of your Oversoul, your Higher Power. I did. It will […]

THE LIFE OF AN AUTHOR: More To It Than You Might Think

In the winter of 2013 I began to write. Being home most of the time, I needed an outlet, preferably creative. I remembered a few years back when, as a practicing psychic, I had put my shingle out on one of the idyllic islands off the coast of B.C.  I offered holographic, past life readings […]


The Love Potion is now for sale on Amazon as a separate short story. Marcella gets a fright as two police officers stand at her door one winter morning. But the happy ending to the day’s alarm turns out to be a happy ending in more ways than one! A little child shall lead them… […]


In life there are moments that stand out, that make a day memorable. But usually, those moments are just yours, privately, not any kind of public thing. When my editor at Solstice wrote me after I anxiously submitted my latest book, Sacred Trust, to her and said: “What a powerful story, Vanayssa! It gripped me […]