FERMENTING RIFE IN CLAYOQUOT by Vanayssa Somers Ever visited the world-renowned tourist town of Tofino, B.C. on Canada’s west coast? Over a million tourists every year visit the tiny town, population 1,500 all winter long. From March to October, the world comes to Tofino, and the village hit the world stage big-time in 1993 when […]


I’d love to find a handful of special people who follow my books and would enjoy having a first-hand look at an upcoming work. If you’d like to receive the manuscript of my book before it hits the shelves, be the first to read them, I’ll be so happy to arrange that…just looking for one […]

O BEAUTIFUL EM DASH (to be sung to the tune Olympia and with gusto)

FB often has posts about writers and what strange people we can be, how differently our brains are from more sensible folk. It’s true, I’ve noticed, that writing about paranormal fantasy romance, fairy love stories, wizards and shapeshifting, ( not to mention hot sex) tends to go along with other odd behaviors. When I started […]


Just finished the  almost-final edit of my latest novel, The Boy Scout. As I completed the last read of this very challenging book, a book about human trafficking, a book that made me cry and laugh many times through the process, and left me in a wallow of tears last night as I finished the […]


Tomorrow my short story The Love Potion is released on Amazon by Solstice Publishing. Link to follow! Here’s the cover picture though: Ain’t it cute? Guess what…there’s a letter involved. Turns out to be a red-letter day for someone special! This story is also to be found in Solstice Publishing’s A Winter Holiday Anthology, and […]


A Winter Holiday Celebration   Solstice Publishing proudly presents these offerings from our extremely talented authors. Each has created an upbeat story celebrating holidays all around the world. And those authors themselves are an international group. Settle in and discover these fabulous tales about many holidays coming to all countries, all nationalities.


Well, I have a book about two thirds finished and the heroine is marrying the King of Fairies. Problem: who plans the wedding? This did not occur to me when I decided to get them married in the book. I need to hire a wedding planner. Something new to deal with in the Writing Life. So […]


Finally inspiration is beginning to flow for the sequel to Pagan Flames. It’s impossible for a writer to write if they can’t get excited and passionate about what they’re writing. It may be based on a fairy tale, but it doesn’t matter what the story is. There has to be a passion. From the passion, […]


Paranormal Fantasy Romance Author Vanayssa Somers Releases New Contemporary Romance Novel, ‘Sacred Trust’ Somers writes paranormal fantasy romance and contemporary romance that revolves around trusting one’s heart, overcoming challenges and transformation [Wilmington NC June 11, 2015] Paranormal fantasy romance author Vanayssa Somers has announced the release of her latest contemporary romance book, ‘Sacred Trust’. Somers’ […]


Writing carries with it so many different kinds of energy. There’s the energy of thinking about a new book, then the resistance against sitting down to plan it out! There is a long process of planning the new book, laying the foundation, choosing a theme, dreaming up the characters and all their personal details, which […]