In her fifteenth year, Kathryn Bond’s life was thrown off course by a violent crime. Headed for Olympic glory, she instead began a long journey toward healing, her dreams having turned to dust. One day she sat down to write a romance novel and began a career that would make […]


Click here to see: My Books on Amazon To see My Books on Solstice Publishing website   A woman’s journey to healing from violent crime through the love of a good man   Three short stories of love and passion: Love, Food and Heaven/The Love Potion/First Love: Born of Fire   Pagan Flames and The Boy Scout: […]


TEEN LOVE – FIRST LOVE! Remember the song? Young love, first love… Nothing like it. We all remember the first person who every plucked our heart strings, stole our heart, ravaged our hearts, whatever it was like. I recall a pair of amazing blue-green eyes fringed with dark lashes.  We lived a long way apart…I […]

PAGAN FLAMES CHOSEN AS ONE OF BEST YA BOOKS OF 2015   Pop’s Picks for 2015 by Michael Thal / on January 07, 2016 / / posted in Animal fiction, book awards, book blogs, Book Reviews, Books, Children’s book, fantasy, Kindle books, love story, Magic, MG books, MG novels, novellas,science fiction, series books, Teen Books, Time Travel, YA Books, YA fiction, YA short stories In […]


Found this great summary of a writing problem on Tumblr. Anyone who has tried to write even one complete 40,000 word story understands how this feels. And when you just…CUT THE SUCKER RIGHT OUT! DELETE IT!…oh, the sweet relief. And you can then carry on writing. The door swings open once more.

NEW ROMANCE BOOK out from Solstice Publishing!

My short story, Food, Love and Heaven has just been published in an anthology from Solstice Publishers…The book is The Food of Love with ten authors and ten great stories. Here’s the link to go look at the Amazon link and admire the gorgeous cover: